We classify novice surfers as those who have never surfed before, or have not yet progressed to the stage of competently riding unbroken waves and performing manoeuvres. We offer classes for beginner surfers weekly on Thursday afternoons. If you're just learning the craft of surfing, you couldn't be in better hands! 

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If you are a competent surfer who can confidently take off on waves, perform cut-backs and other basic moves, but want to improve your skills to a competitive level, this is the course for you. Intermediate classes are held every week on Tuesday afternoons. Let us take your surfing to new heights. 

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We have years of experience coaching and mentoring some of the world's best surfers, including competitors like former world champ CJ Hobgood and WSL veteran Josh Kerr, alongside top free-surfers such as Noa Deane. Whether your goals are improving your competition results, boosting your profile or just being the very best you can be, don't go past our advanced classes, held weekly on Saturday mornings.